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Our Mission--Fostering a Global Innovation Eco-system

Innovation Ideas Institute (3i) is a think tank founded by a group of Harvard scholars to conduct high-quality independent research on cross discipline innovation and to facilitate high level dialogue for thinkers, innovators, disruptors, and policy makers between US and China. 3i seeks to foster innovation between US and China through stimulating knowledge-sharing and promoting bilateral investment. 3i hosts an academic-business-policy network for forward thinking about US-China's innovation collaboration and to secure a more open, prosperous and cooperative international system through and for the Innovation.

What We Do

  • Innovation Research
  • Innovation Education
  • Innovation Investing

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China Innovation in International Engagement

How should China innovate to better engage with the international community? How should China innovate to navigate the complex international environment and adapt to the globalized world? How should China be innovative to engage with the world politically as a responsible nation and economically to integrate with the world economy?

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