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“Innovation Insights” thought leadership series



The INNOVATORS recently launched “INNOVATION INSIGHTS” thought leadership series. 

What is innovation? A new idea? An invention? New technologies? New products and services? Societal impact? Innovation and entrepreneurship are the key components of economic competitiveness and societal changes. This critical time we live in provides tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to create changes and make a difference in the world. The INNOVATORS is honored to feature the world’s top academic thinkers to give their insights on Innovation and to encourage entrepreneurship. 

Pls meet these brightest minds in innovation: 

— Soumitra Dutta, Dean, Oxford Saïd Business School 

— John Quelch, Vice Provost and Dean, University of Miami Business School 

— Francisco Veloso, Dean, Imperial College Business School 

—Robert Langer, Institute Professor, MIT 

— Fiona Murray, Associate Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management 

— Michael Cima, Professor of Engineering, MIT 

— Christopher Tucci, Professor, Imperial College Business School 


Universities are the main driving forces of innovation and to foster Entrepreneurship. If you are an entrepreneur working on a startup, congrats on your journey! Welcome to broadcast your innovation on The INNOVATORS in the vibrant ecosystem towards potential partners, customers, investors, etc!

Sign up: 

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Entrepreneurship and Accelerator Program


We believe that Innovation is the key driver for economic growth and social impact in the new era. We empower young pioneers with learning from the world’s top innovation thought leaders to shape the innovation trends and inspire the society; We select cutting edge entrepreneurs and help them achieve maximized success and impact;

You build your innovation, we help you maximize your success!

After facilitating various innovation and entrepreneurship activities in past years, we see new opportunities arising post COVID.  We are building the first virtual and visual innovation eco-system to foster innovation in the new era.  Please check out The INNOVATORS we are building at .

Innovation Ideas Institute Speaks at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos


Innovation Ideas Institute President Lin Yang attends World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020 which is held in Davos, Switzerland during January 20-25, 2020.  

During the Annual Meeting, Ms. Yang will convene a session on “Responsible Data Economics” on Jan 23, 2020 to talk about data sharing among organizations with David Craig, CEO, Refinitiv; Carla Kriwet, CEO, Connected care, Royal Philips; Peggy Alford, SVP, Core Markets, Paypal; Mark Johnson, CEO, Descartes Labs; Stephen Klasko, President and CEO, Jefferson Health.


Davos 2020
Davos 2020

Panel 1
Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 2

3i Launches New Research Project:  How to Embrace the New Era of Innovation


Embrace the New Innovation Era

We are entering a new era of innovation, marked by 5G, AI, IoT, etc. The importance of these technology is, in addition to increasing consumer services, such as voice, data, knowledge sharing, it will enable machine to machine communications, therefore many enterprises deployment on larger scale. These are poised to revolutionize many industries for the next generation. How shall policy and business community embrace the new opportunities and challenges in this new revolution? 3i is launching new research projects on these important and timely topics. We are recruiting research fellows with fresh ideas and proposals. If you are interested in these topics, Pls connect with us.

3i launches series of innovation programs


In order to bridge the gaps between knowledge and practice, ideas and actions, discoveries and inventions, research and impact across disciplines, boundaries and people, Innovation Ideas Institute, together with leading universities, business and governmental organizations launches innovation collaboration initiatives in education, research, and an accelerator program. We aim to promote the creation of new ventures in collaboration and efficiency, and to maximize success and impact. Please follow up details with us through mails, emails, and meetings.

3i Fellowship


Innovation Ideas Institute fellowships and Internships Program

Innovation Ideas Institute fellowship and internship program is looking for high energy candidates who have passion and expertise to contribute to a better US-China engagement in innovation.  The successful candidate will have a correspondingly balanced skill set and experience and the ability to rapidly develop new areas of expertise, think creatively, and balance multiple competing demands.  Fellowships and Internships are 3-6 months, with potentials to extend.

Research Fellowships

Our research fellows will assist and support some of the research paper and book publishing of the Institute on the theme of China and Innovation.  This position combines: background research; interviews with stakeholders; analytical and quantitative analysis; regulatory, market, and policy research; extensive written communication (e.g., memos, studies, regulatory filings);   English Native speakers preferable. and Chinese language skills a plus.  Some Stipends will be provided.

Marketing Internships

This position will assist the institute in branding, marketing content creation management, etc with creative thinking and innovative skills; Candidates must be bilingual in English and Chinese.  

Project Management Internships

This position will assist the Institute to plan and manage some innovation education programs, conferences and an accelerator program. This position could be part time during March- June. But more full time engagement from June - August. Candidates shall have good organization and communication skills.  English and Chinese bilingually conversational.  Business analysis skills a plus.

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