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Lin Yang

Lin Yang

Lin Yang is a seasoned cross-discipline, cross-culture entrepreneur, executive, former TV News Anchor. Her career spans across policy, business and media. Currently she is the Founder and President of Innovation Ideas Institute, an innovation themed think tank, and guest lectured at Harvard HTUP program. With her uniquely combined background in TV, VC and higher education, she also founded "The INNOVATORS", the 1st virtual & visual innovation eco-system for academia, industry leaders, startup disruptors, venture capitalists and policy makers, powered by a first-of-its-kind video and metaverse platform, adding creativity into innovation. She has also served as a senior advisor for corporations on innovation and a partner for venture capital investment. She has been a special contributor to media outlets, and is regarded as a credible China subject matter person and the new generation shaping US-China relations in the international community.  Lin is elected as a "Young Global Leader" and a "New Champion" by the World Economic Forum.

In her recent career in US, she focuses on innovation and globalization. She fosters thought leadership on cross-disciplinary innovation among the academia, business and policy community, studies how innovation eco-system facilitates and fosters innovation for maximized impact. While she was a Senior Research Associate at Harvard University, she founded the first "China public policy innovation case program" which included first hand interviews and balanced research with various levels of policy makers to bring insights to the international world of academia, government, and business on how China public policies are made in the rapidly changing environment. She also participated in the editorial work of the "White Paper on Chinese Enterprises in US". Lin also served as the assistant director at the center for US-China relations at the Asia Society in New York City and held advisory positions at the interface of business & government for various organizations.

Previously Lin was an International TV News Anchor for major TV Networks where she had anchored numerous live breaking News events, as well as interviewed world leaders. Lin holds a Master's degree of Public Administration from Harvard University, and frequently speaks at public events and public media about innovation and US-China relations.

Besides policy and business, Lin is an amateur pop singer, oil painter, and is passionate about the design and sustainability of fashion.


Globalists or Technologists, Who Will Lead in the New Times? (2023)


World Economic Forum: The Art of Dealing with Competition and Cooperation between US and China in the New Era (2020)


Davos 2020: Lin Yang moderates a panel of "Responsible Data Economics" at the World Economic Forum annual Meeting 2020

Davos 2020:  Lin Yang speaks with US and China economists about US-China outlook for 2020


Lin Yang speaks about innovation at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of New Champions 2019: Asia's Industrial Policies

杨林在2019年世界经济论坛新领军者年会上发表创新谈话:  亚洲的工业政策

TEDx Estee Lauder: Lin Yang Being Interviewed by Jane Lauder


Harvard Case Study: A Chinese Bank in the Global Market - ICBC

Forbes:  How Can China's Largest Commercial Bank(ICBC) Grow into A Real Multinational?
福布斯: 中国最大的商业银行(工商银行)如何才能成长为真正的跨国银行?

Harvard Case Study: Shanghai’s Quest for a Deep-Water Port
哈佛案例教学:上海市索求深水港以打造“国际航运中心” 之路

Harvard: Dialogue with Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin about AMC theaters acquisition


Forbes: Exploring the future of life economy with BGI founder Wang Jian


Sina: My advices to SANY America on their investment in US


Forbes:  (Video) Opportunities and Concerns abound for Chinese Investment in the U.S.


The New Era of US-China Innovation Investment Partnerships


The Landscape of US-China collaboration on Innovation -- A Talk on Massport  China event

中美创新领域合作的前景 -- 在海南航空公司开通波士顿至北京直航活动上的讲话

TEDx Talk: The Journey

我的TEDx 演讲:中美关系的征程

Forbes: Chinese Outbound Philanthropy


Doing business in China and in US -- A Talk at US-China Culture industry investment Forum

中国和美国商业环境和文化的差异 -- 在中美文化产业投资论坛上的讲话

Jobs From China? An Estimated 1 Million U.S. Jobs Supported By 2020


Forbes: Exploring Innovative Governance In The Shanghai Free Trade Zone


Lecture at Harvard TUP program: Chinese Investment in the U.S. and Its Impact on Jobs


Forbes:  China Is Eager to Go Out, The U.S. Is Open For Business


Hong Kong Commercial Daily: World Experts on China's New Leadership

《香港商报》: 界专家把脉中国新政

The China Story:  A Speech at Harvard HPAIR Conference


Harvard Case Study: Leading the Green Revolution in China’s “Red Cradle”


Harvard Case Study: Chinese Rural Village Head Lectured an International Class at Harvard


Harvard Case Study: Development in Rural China: Zhenggezhuang and Pro-active Urbanization


Harvard Case Study: Shanghai’s Quest for a Deep-Water Port

哈佛案例教学:上海市索求深水港以打造“国际航运中心” 之路

Harvard Case Study: Green Han River: An NGO Combats Water Pollution in China


Harvard Case Study: Rehabilitating Old Lane Housing in Shanghai


Harvard Case Study: Nutritional Intervention Programs for Boarding School Students in Rural China


Interpreting China’s Public Policy Making to the World



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